Giant Blue Morpho (Morpho Didius)
Giant Blue Morpho (Morpho Didius)
Giant Blue Morpho (Morpho Didius)
Giant Blue Morpho (Morpho Didius)

Giant Blue Morpho (Morpho Didius)

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The Giant Blue Morpho is regularly used as a butterfly image due to it's electric blue wing colour. Incredibly mesmerizing to look at, and you may have seen it in many places before - such as Apple's butterfly emoji. This is also one of the largest butterflies in the Morpho family reaching a 150mm wingspan.

A beautiful Giant Blue Morpho butterfly in a handmade wooden frame, mounted on high quality ivory card. The scientific and common names are printed beneath the butterfly, and a small information sticker can be found on the back of the frame.

Butterfly Details:

  • Scientific Name: Morpho Didius
  • Common Name: Giant Blue Morpho
  • Family: Nymphalidae
  • Locality: Central and South America
  • Average Wingspan: 110-150mm

Frame Details:

  • Internal Frame Size: 10x8 inches
  • External Frame Size: 284 x 233 x 33mm
  • Frame Colour: Black or White


Please Note: As these specimens are real insects, the one you receive may differ in size and shape to the one displayed. We ask that you bear this in mind, but if you have any concerns with you purchase, please contact us and we will do our very best to help.

Ethics: All of our specimens have died of natural causes and are sourced from conservation projects that work to support local communities and protect habitats. No insects were harmed for the purpose of making these frames.