Sourcing Materials

Here at The Specimen Cave all materials used are legally and responsibly acquired. Our specimens are sourced ethically and sustainably to the very best of our ability.

We use insect suppliers from around the globe who source from breeding/rearing farms as well as conservation projects.

It may surprise you to learn that insect collecting/farming actually helps the Earth's ecology since it allows local people to raise insects to support their families, giving them an incentive to maintain the rain forests and jungles.

These sustainable farms provide conservation, education and work for local people. They use breeding and releasing programs to help sustain the insects, whilst responsibly euthanising a small percentage to sell to suppliers and people like us as materials, which raises funds to continue the projects.

By supporting these farming efforts the land can be kept profitable for the locals without the need to resort to drastic deforestation or industrialisation.

Without efforts like these, insect habitats would be destroyed which would eventually result in no more insects. It’s important that we understand the best way to save insects, is to protect their habitat.

When selecting suppliers, we do everything in our power to ensure they follow the same beliefs and ethics as we do to ensure we are buying from sustainable sources.