The term “ethical” is different for everyone but, generally in the case of taxidermy and entomology, refers to specimens which are not caught and killed for the sole purpose of taxidermy.

Here at The Specimen Cave, our specimens are sourced from breeding/rearing farms as well as conservation projects.

It may surprise you to learn that butterfly collecting actually helps the Earth's ecology since it allows local people to raise butterflies to support their families, giving them an incentive to maintain the rain forests and jungles.

By supporting these farming efforts the land can be kept profitable for the locals without the need to resort to drastic deforestation or industrialisation.

The butterflies that we use are raised on the farms for lifetime preservation and have lived their entire lifespan of about a month. We simply aim to preserve their beauty in a frame for everyone to appreciate.

The farms also release a number of the butterflies back into the wild helping to preserve the insects in their natural habitat.