• Northern Spotted Grasshopper

  • Aularches miliaris
  • Death's Head Hawk Moth

  • Acherontia Atropos
  • Reinhold's Creamy Glider

  • Cymothoe Reinholdi
  • Tropical Carpenter Bee

  • Xylocopa Latipes
  • Orange-Barred Sulphur

  • Phoebis Philea

Welcome to The Specimen Cave

We are a small, family run business who decided to share their hobby with the world. We frame, responsibly sourced insects from around the world in an attempt to preserve their beauty for you to display in your home.

Each frame is carefully put together here in the UK, with the hope that our care and attention to detail is visible in the final product. We pride ourselves in our customer service and look forward to helping you find the right frame for your home.

Worldwide Shipping

We ship our specimens all over the world! If you're in the UK, postage is FREE!


Every specimen we sell has been set and framed right here in the UK.


Any questions at all, please feel free to contact us, always happy to help.

Latest Products

  • Reinhold's Creamy Glider (Cymothoe reinholdi)
    Reinhold's Creamy Glider (Cymothoe reinholdi)
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  • Indian Moon Moth (Actias selene)
    Indian Moon Moth (Actias selene)
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  • Sawtooth Stag Beetle Dome (Lamprima adolphinae)
    Sawtooth Stag Beetle Dome (Lamprima adolphinae)
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  • Manchurian Scorpion (Mesobuthus martensii)
    Manchurian Scorpion (Mesobuthus martensii)
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Item came so fast and absolutely love it! The Specimen Cave is brilliant and quickly replies to any messages will definitely be back to purchase again. :)


A beautiful big comet moth. Lovely antennae, his markings are so pretty and intact they almost look painted on! Very well done. I have 3 moths and 1 butterfly from The Specimen Cave, all of them were posted ASAP and arrived in excellent condition. I would definitely recommend this seller.


Thank you! The item was delivered in a very well wrapped package. A beautifully made piece, great addition to my wall 😍🦋


Ordered 3 really lovely specimens. Excellent communication from seller and really quick despatch and delivery. I thought the minimal packaging was great and I didn't realise there was additional info/facts about the specimens on the back of the frame so bonus! Highly recommended and will definitely order from this shop again


Perfect specimen, even more beautiful in reality. Package well wrapped and with all the related details inside. The seller is always available to requests and questions and very kind :)


My moths are even more stunning in person and they are beautifully display. The Specimen Cave kept me up to date on what was happening and very swiftly posted them to me in eco friendly packaging. I absolutely love Madagascan sunset moths.


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